The Story of

Stefanie's Mouse Betsy

and her Country Cousin





Stefanie Mayer


Her Daddy





Draft 2

©2003 Gottfried J. Mayer






Once upon a time there was a little mouse and her name was Betsy. Betsy lived in a beautiful house and had a happy little life.



When she was tired, she liked to sleep under her play-tunnel right next to her exercise wheel.



Betsy tried to live a healthy life: As soon as she woke up (sometimes in the middle of the night) she would go over to her elegant, purple exercise wheel and run so fast that you couldn't see her little legs moving. All you could see was a blur of legs.




After a good workout she would go to her tiny, little living room and get a healthy breakfast. Her favorite breakfast is sunflower seeds.



Betsy also had her own little swimming pool with a tiny little island smack in the middle of the pool.




When the sun was high in the sky and it got very hot in her house, she would love to go for a swim.




She enjoys the cool water and she likes to show everybody what a good swimmer she is.




Betsy also had her own little ice-cream store with the most delicious ice cream. After a good swim she loved to get her favorite ice-cream cone.




Sun-flower seed ice-cream is my favorite flavor!", she would exclaim.




So much exercise and ice-cream would make Betsy tired. "I think I'll take a little rest in my play tube." Betsy would say to herself, and soon you would only see her little nose with the big whiskers.




One day, when Betsy was in her tiny little kitchen trying out some new sunflower seed recipes, she suddenly heard a strange noise. She looked around and she saw the most peculiar looking mouse standing in the door. It was her cousin Milly from the countryside with her new, pink summer dress. "How are you?" said Betsy, who was very polite and always had good manners. "I am fine, thank you." said Milly. "But I really don't like the big city. There are so many cars and scooters. I almost was run over yesterday. Would you like to visit me in our little mouse village? We have the most spectacular sun-flower fields." "Oh, I love sun-flowers, yes, lets take a vacation to visit your little village."




So they started their travel to the countryside. When Stefanie's mummy left for work they sneaked out of the door and Milly got into the elevator, but Betsy was late because she wanted to bring her favorite toy. So Milly was riding the elevator all by herself. Betsy could not reach the button and so she wandered around thinking about what to do next.




In the meantime the little girl, whose pet Betsy was, found that her little mouse-house was all empty. "My little mouse is gone!", she cried. "I want my little Betsy back!"




Her dad said: "Don't cry! I have an idea. We put up a mouse-trap with Betsy's favorite food. And if she gets hungry, maybe she will go into the trap.




Sure enough, Betsy couldn't ride the elevator all by herself and after a while she got very hungry. She was looking for food everywhere when she suddenly smelled he favorite snack. She followed the smell and when she finally found a sunflower seed she squeaked, so happy was she. But as soon as she touched the seed -Snap!- the trap door closed.




But Betsy didn't even notice, so hungry was she and busy munching on her sunflower seed.




The next day Stefanie found her little mouse and she was so happy: "Betsy is back!" she laughed. And on their next vacation they would all go to the country-side to visit Milly.

And they all lived happily ever after.


The End